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iLevant in cooperation with its regional partners has built its cloud network, leading MPLS network services and MPLS solutions provider in the MENA region; it offers customized end to end network solutions for organizations’ communications.

Running the flow of the organization’s data efficiency increases the organization hassle especially when multiple service providers and SLA agreements are involved. iLevant through its state of the art and fully redundant network along with its long experience, offers an end-to-end solution to address all organization’s concerns to keep the flow of the data continuously and efficiently.

iLevant MPLS backbone along with its partners is capable of carrying any type of traffic “Voice, Data, Video, and business critical applications” across the globe.

Offered MPLS Service;

Layer-3 Global MPLS Virtual Private Networks “L3-VPN”

MPLS L3-VPN provides full mesh topology connectivity between the organization’s sites “communication between any site with any other site”, hence it is easily and efficiently enables the connection of all organization sites within one private network. This network can dramatically decrease the operating cost of reliable organization’s communication. L3VPN service is suitable for connecting local sites networks, applications servers and hosted sites, with the capability of combining all data, voice, video and Internet traffic at different class and quality of service within one connection. Optical, electrical or wireless transmission technologies can be utilized for physical connectivity. The capacity of the connection is fully flexible based on the organization site needs; starting from E1 and up to STM-64 or multiple of Gbps

Benefits and Features:

Flexibility and scalability of connections in regard of capacity, configuration and service handling.
Financially efficient solution as each organization location requires only one connection for all its communication needs
Service level guarantee provided on uptime, availability, latency, packet loss and jitter for voice traffic only
High scalable and redundant backbone architecture
Secure, reliable, high available, and flexible end-to-end connectivity
Domestic/International Service combination
Wide range of interfaces types and speeds “E1 to STM-64”
Naturally support of IP-protocol, which most clients’ IT applications use “Voice, Data, Video”
Support of various routing protocols “static, OSPF, and BGP” between customer equipment’s and iLevant network
Guaranteed high level of service quality by supporting of multiple class of services for different traffic types “Premium, Business and standard
End to end CPE management, monitoring and reporting services


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